Trail 5 Margalla Hills Islamabad


Trail 3 and 5 are near to one another and interconnected. One can go on trail and take connecting to reach the other. Both originate at the northern end of Margallah Road along F-5/F6 and separated by just half a kilometer distance. Trail 6 originates from behind Faisal Mosque several kilometers from trail 3 and is not connected with the other trails.


The trails start at the elevation of 620 m and end at 1129 m, covering a distance of 5.08 km with total climbing of 534 m. At the start of trail 5 there is a tourist information center which can guide the trackers about the route. A fresh water stream welcomes you when you start tracking. After crossing the stream the hike is gradual for about two kilometers. One crosses several fresh water streams during the time.
For a more strenuous hiker at 1.3 kilometers from the base point a path goes right across the stream and joins the main track at about 3 kilometers. It is very steep route and goes through thick forest. It is not advisable to use it late in the day.

At this trail becomes very steep. Half a kilometer on the route one finds a fresh water spring. The water is refreshing and drinkable About fifty yards before the spring a path goes right. Taking the path takes you to trail three. An off shoot from that track goes up and joins normal trail 5 at top of the hill.
From the spring the trail elevation is a bit gradual than the previous 500 meters but still quite steep. Two and half kilometers up the trail joins Islamabad-Zoo Pirsohawa Road, about a kilometer ahead of famous Monal Restaurant. From here one can come back from the same route of use cab service or public transport to come back to base point.


1: The trail goes through thick forest any deviation from the main route can make you lost in the jungle.

2: There are no mobile signals on quite a few points on the track. Travelers are advised to keep a stick, torch, water and something to eat with them.
The whole route has thick wood cover

3: Do not track in evening or night as there are leopards, jackal and monkeys in jungle

Three families of common leopard live in Margalla Hills' - Newspaper -  DAWN.COM

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