Punjab Uriyal (Udial)


As the national animal of Pakistan Markhor is a type of wild goat, similarly Oriyal is a type of wildlife. There are three varieties of it in different areas of Pakistan. One of which is the name of Punjab Uriyal, which is more beautiful than the rest. Punjab Uriyal is found in different places in the area from Kalabagh to Mangla. It is found in the hills of Mianwali, Attock, Soon Valley, Salt Range, Chakwal, and Jhelum.

Its beauty is due to the horns of its male. Its horns are very thick from the beginning and turn backward. 70 to 90 cm tall, near 38 inches longhorns, white belly, black hair on chest, and big eyes.

This animal is indeed a beautiful masterpiece of nature. Salt range rocks, irrigated in the mountains, where there are fruitful, lettuce, acacia bushes, there is their abodes.

Uriyal Breeding

Uriyal is an animal living in groups and their flocks are mostly females and minor males. They go for food and fodder mostly in the morning. Uriyal usually only gives birth to one baby at a time. According to a survey, only 15 % of its females give birth to two fawns at a time. WWF of a survey in 2011 According to a report published, in some areas half of fawns are stolen a week after birth.

They are found in large numbers in the area of Chhambi Sarla in Chakwal. They live in the form of a group. A male, as a supervisor, stands at a high position and performs his duty. As he hears the whisper of any danger, he gives a signal to the others, after which they disappear from the sight in the blink of an eye.

Uriyal Trophy Hunting

In the area of Chhambi Sarla, the Department of Wildlife is also arranged for hunting of Punjab Udial every year. It is called trophy hunting.

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The average age of Punjab Uriyal is 12 to 13 years. After that, it grows old and then becomes a threat to his own group. It doesn’t allow the young male Uriyal to go to the female during the breeding season. Due to which the breeding can’t be done. After 12-13 years, as the physical death of Punjab Uriyal is near, hunting of uriyal after this age is allowed. For this foreign hunters come to Pakistan and many local hunters join. Money from trophy hunting is spent on the care of Uriyal. But apart from this trophy hunting. Hunting is completely banned.

Punjabi Uriyal has the status of the local animal of Chakwal.

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