Forts of Kharan City- Balochistan


Kharan, once a part of the Persian empire, was conquered in 1789 by Azad Khan Nosherwani. It had the distinction of being one of the four princely states prior to 1951 when it was merged into the Balochistan state union. It was ruled by Nosherwani tribe.

Additionally, Azad khan was the founder of the state. He built a total number of eleven forts to successfully defend his state against foreign invasions. Amongst them, the biggest was the fort of Karez and the fort of kharan city.

The fort of kharan city is a two-storied fort architecturally built on the Iranian style layouts spread over an area of approximately 400 square yards where mud and solid burnt bricks were used and dome-shaped structures were built around for security measures. It was built in three years with a workforce of 400 persons and It is said that the building blocks for the fort were brought 6 km away through a human chain.

Inside the fort, a three-room kitchen was built along the southern wall of the fort. An Iranian-style anchorage and military parade contingents’ restrooms were constructed adjacent to the exterior wall, while a beautiful arcade-shaped mosque was built on the east side of the fort which can be still used today.

There used to be a well exactly in the middle of the fort as well. Window motifs were erected on all sides of the fort to keep an eye on the enemies. Externally, the fort had forty shops that became the center of the trading activities in the region, and trade occurred with neighboring countries like Afghanistan and Iran. The fort was brilliantly fortified that overlooked the whole of Kharan city.

Location of Kharan Fort

After the death of Azad Khan Nowsherwani, his son Sardar Nawroz Khan Sherwani used the place for defense purposes and later by Sardar Yaqub Khan Nowsherwani (the last Chief of his tribe) who died in the same fort.

The remains of the fort still tell the story of its rise and fall. While Kharan is historically considered to be the oldest part of Balochistan, it can certainly increase the heritage value of the province.


Where in the past there was less focus on tourism in Pakistan, now with the establishment of a tourism industry in the region, timely maintenance of such historical and heritage assets of Balochistan can further strengthen the provincial tourism department.

Summing up, the purpose behind the erection of the fort might have been stationing troops, strengthening the Power of the kingdom, and above all, the security of kings and their families. However, in this day and age, the fort itself is in dire need of security.

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