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Bagh city is the district headquarters of district Bagh, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan situated at about 100 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad, via Kohallah & 80 Kilometers via Sudden Gali, 205 Kilometers from Islamabad, and 48 kilometers from Rawalakot.

This city is situated on the confluence of two mini rivers- Mahlwani and Mahl, which flow all year round.

Location of Bagh Kashmir

Weather in Bagh


The entire Bagh district is a mountainous area, generally sloping from north­east to southwest. The area falls in the lesser Himalayas zone. The main range in the district is Pir-Panjal. The Haji-Pir Pass is at a height of 3421 meters above sea level. The general elevation is between 1500 and 2500 meters above sea level. Mountains are generally covered with coniferous forests. Mahl Nala in the Bagh sub-division and Betar Nala in the Haveli sub-division are the two main streams. However, other numerous rivulets flow in the district. 

Pine, kail, fir, and other trees like poplar, shisham, kikar, willow, walnut, ban-akhore, chinar, and mannu are found in abundance in the district. Among flowers zianna, dahlia, merry gold, cosmos, daffodil, aster, and rose of different kinds are found in the district.

Wild Life of Bagh

Wildlife of the district is mostly confined in the Haveli range where Markhor, Himalayan Thar, leopard cats, and bears are found. Among birds murgh zareen, chakore, and moned pheasant are available. Murgh zareen and shahin are confined to forests at high hills and chakore is commonly found in the lower plants.

Buffalo and sheep/goats are kept almost in every home for milk and other dairy products.

Places to See

Bagh has developed into a good city and trade center after the creation of district headquarters in 1987. Dhirkot, Kahuta, Yadgar Huda Bhari, Fort Bagh, Sudhan Gali, Neela Butt, Hanse Chowki, Neela Butt, Las Danna, Mahmood Galli, Havaily and Ganga Choti and Darra Haji-Pir are the main scenic spots of district Bagh.

Sudhan Gali

Sudhan Gali is located at a height of 2134m above sea level and a short distance from Bagh. This scenic spot also serves as a base camp for those going hiking/trekking to the nearby 3045m high mountain, Ganga Choti. 

One can reach Sudhan Gali from Muzaffarabad or Bagh. It takes around a couple of hours to reach here by public or hired transport from Bagh. Local transport for Sudhan Gali leaves near the Al-Noor hotel. The other option is to come from Muzaffarabad via Garhi Dupatta and Chakar. This option takes around 4 hours. There is an unconfirmed report of a proposed plan to develop a road and even a chair-lift from Sudhan Gali to Ganga. This might result in an increase in tourism but would definitely be a disaster for its natural environment and beauty.

There are two rest houses available at Sudhan Gali for accommodation which are being maintained by the AJK Tourism department and Public Works Department (PWD) respectively. Reservations for the Tourism rest houses can be taken from their office in Muzaffarabad. However, for PWD rest house, the request is generally declined unless one has a strong reference in the department. Accommodation in the Govt. Rest House can be booked through the Tourist Board offices in Bagh and Muzaffarabad.


Dheerkot is a fascinating and charming place located 24 km from Kohala. Situated at 1676 m above sea level, Dhirkot possesses an extremely pleasant and healthy climate. The place is very popular among people mainly due to easy access, suitable altitude, and beautiful landscape with Deodar and kail forests.

In the heart of the calm and quiet Deodar and Kail mixed forest, there is a posh Forest rest house, three Tourist Huts, and a Log Hut, which are greatly sought after by tourists in summer. Dheerkot is linked with all parts of Azad Kashmir by blacktop roads and direct transport services are also available.

Neela Butt

From Dheerkot towards southeast 6 Km ahead, this spot is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters. Besides its scenic beauty, this place is well-known for its historic background. On August 23, 1947, the Mujahideen-e-Azadi assembled at this place and started an armed struggle for accession to Pakistan.

Las Danna

Las danna -

From Bagh, a 15 kilometers long metalled road leads to Las Danna which is a place of captivating scenes and natural beauty. From Lasdanna, three roads branch off the main road i.e. Mahmood Gali-Palangi, Haji pir- Aliabad, and Abbasspur- Hajira respectively. A tourist rest house is available here for accommodation.

Mallot Sattian

Mallot is a town in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir. It is situated 17 km northwest of Bagh city and to the east of Dhirkot with an altitude of 2,000 meters. As well as its scenery the area is known for its historic background.

Mallot is well connected with major roads, it’s connected with the Main Rawalpindi-Bagh road via Jaglari Namanpora, from the southwest it’s connected via Harigehl, from the west it’s connected via Challa, from the northwest it’s connected via Bisbagla Dhirkot, from north east it’s connected via Thob, Panili road.

There is one girl inter college and one boy inter science college and some private schools. In addition, many primary and middle schools for both boys and girls are also available in the surrounding villages.

There is one Special Communication Organization’s digital exchange which is providing communication facilities to surrounding villages through landlines and also some major private companies boosters are functioning in the area such as Telenor, Ufone, and Mobilink.


Kohala is a place of historical importance in Bagh and the gateway of Kashmir. Situated on the River Jhelum, north of Murree, south of Muzaffarabad, and east of Circle Bakote.

Kohala has been a transportation center for goods since the Vedic Age. It gained military importance in 1814 when Maharaja of Kashmir Gulab Singh developed it as a business center for Hindu merchants.

Kohala is the site of the well-known Kohala Bridge across the Jhelum. Kohala is a gateway to enter the Muzaffarabad and Bagh districts of AJK. It is a unique place where the Punjab, Kashmir, and NWFP boundaries touch each other.

Kohala was almost wiped away in the 1992 floods but later on, the resilience of local Dhondes restored the market back. The only bridge collapsed as a result of high tides of water and wood logs striking the pillars and structure. Later on, the bridge was restored and one more bridge was erected in parallel. Another concrete bridge was built by Gammon a kilometer towards Murree. The place is known as Gujjar Kohala and traffic for Bagh diverges from that place.

Ganga Choti

Ganga Peak, more commonly known as Ganga Choti among locals is located in the Bagh district of Azad Kashmir. It is also visible from Bagh city and is often called the Crown of Bagh. 

Ganga Choti is approachable from Sudhan Gali, Dist Bagh, it is four hours trek and it is a strenuous trek since you have to gain height at every step, and there are very rare flat grounds on this trek. Ganga Choti is a scenic peak village in Bani Minhasan in Bagh District, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

It is 10200 feet (3045 meters) high. It is an attraction for tourists in that area. Furthermore, it is situated in the Pir Panjal Range. The hike to Ganga peak starts from the town of Sudhan Gali which is at a height of 2200 meters from sea level. From there, the peak can be reached through a 3-4 hours easy hike. People in Chanari climb Ganga from that side.

The hike to Ganga offers some very nice views of the valley and meadows. From the peak, one can have a 360-degree panoramic view of the whole area. The nearest peak higher from Ganga Peak is called Pir Kanthi, which is at an aerial distance of about 10 km from it. In winter this whole area is heavily covered in snow so the best time to visit it is from April to August. The recommended place for camping is the base of Ganga Peak near the shepherd’s huts.

Where to Stay

Middle-standard hotels, PWD, and Forest rest houses are available for visitors, whereas, all the necessities of life are available in the Bagh Bazar.

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