Simbal waterfall – A hidden waterfall of salt range


If you are fond of sightseeing and exploring new natural places, then there is no greater joy than when you manage to reach such a place. Wherever the first steps to be taken as a circle are yours, whether it is in any corner of the world. My passion started in 2013 when I first came to Swake Lake and suddenly got to see the precious color of nature and since then it has been a constant search for a place that is not in the public eye. And it has happened many times that one has set out to see a place with a conceptual map in mind, then what one gets to see and the satisfaction that comes upon this success is indescribable according to the words of Mustansar Hussain Tarar.

After that, there was a desire to reach this waterfall and take a view from below. For this, Hafiz Mehtab was talked to and he took the responsibility of getting permission to go there. Because to get to the pond under the waterfall, one had to pass through the Sambal lake and the whole place was covered with plants, which were owned by the Peer family, so it was necessary to take permission from them because there are gardens in the vicinity of the lake on the water of these springs. And down here on the lake or in the garden can’t go without permission.

After getting permission, on the desired day, after reaching Simbal Lake, parked the motorcycle and started moving towards the waterfall on the opposite side of the springs. There were three of us who went here and the spirits of all three were high that today we are going to see something new. At the very beginning of the journey, there were guava groves from where the morale as well as the energy level increased after drinking fresh guavas.

At the beginning of the journey, we passed through the water of the springs, which were overshadowed by thick trees and wild bushes. After going a little further, it was found that even the visitors had made a road for the purpose of watering the garden, but beyond that, there is no sign of the road and the whole area is completely green due to the water running all year round. It was full and very dense with trees and wild bushes. From there we had to find the way forward by ourselves, after reading Bismillah keeping the water as a guiding sign, we passed wherever we thought fit, but during all this, the sight of the waterfall was lost due to the dense forest in the distance. It was not heard either. After a long time of hard work, when the courage started to respond, it was thought appropriate to climb a stone and see that if the waterfall is near, then it is fine, otherwise, we go back. After the sight, all the strength of the body was recovered and they started moving forward, but this distance of a few hundred feet ahead was the most demanding of all the previous routes. After reaching the waterfall, he could not even take out the mobile phone to take a picture and all this was limited to saving the view in the God-given memory (mind) with the help of his natural camera (eye).

There was also a place where one had to crawl under thick trees like a soldier on a war front. It was the love of seeing something new that made these exercises even for a servant like me who, when he is at home, prefers to stay thirsty for a while rather than go to the cooler to drink water. If it is visible, then I order him and it was I who went through some hardships, and thus Nusrat Sahib’s song proved true that this love is not easy.

Finally, these efforts ended and we succeeded in reaching the foot of the waterfall and seeing the first glimpse of the waterfall, all the previous efforts were rewarded and the body started to feel refreshed again. It is impossible for me to describe my happiness at that time because it was a place where there was no sign of any local person anywhere and that is why the pool under the waterfall and Everything around him was there in its full natural beauty. After reaching here, in a few moments, all of us were sitting together in the world, unaware of each other’s existence, and this sight and even reaching this point, the fascination had gripped us.

Then nature also blesses those who are looking for it and who among us got to see the sight of the rainbow, and as soon as the rainbow appeared, we all spontaneously greeted each other. invited to see it. When the water of this several meters high waterfall falls from above, the reflection of the sunlight falling on its spray creates a rainbow on it, which appears to be more or less visible due to the changing color of the same spray. used to come and we were lucky to see this rainbow for a long time. Then he sat in his vicinity and cooled his eyes by taking in his view for some time and then took the way back after taking pictures.

It was not easy to come back here, but no matter where you come from, you have to return home. That’s why it was thought appropriate to spend some time there, because now the sun was starting to reduce its heat and it was necessary to return before it got dark, and after this distance of life and death, the stomach rats also ran. They were tired from running and now it was taking decades to go and do some belly pooja. On the way, in the desire to see something new, we went ahead and made our way, but on our return, we did not have the courage to go that way again, so we thought it appropriate to walk along the flowing water, which later It turned out to be a good decision for us and now we reached the garden a bit easier on our way back and on reaching the garden we met a butterfly to bid farewell and maybe the fairies of this lake were the same butterflies, one of which was a fairy. Waving his delicate wings, he said goodbye and flew away. Finally, let me say again that this place is closed because it is private property and it is forbidden to come here without permission. So just enjoy watching the pictures and videos.

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