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From the ancient Mughal city of Lahore to the snow-capped peaks of the Karakorum Mountains, Pakistan is a diverse nation defined not just by its natural beauty and architectural splendors, but by its friendly inhabitants, varied wildlife, and rich culinary traditions.

The North-West Frontier Province and Gilgit-Baltistan region are home to some of the world’s most famous mountain ranges, including the Himalayas, Karakorum, and the Hindu Kush.

The super-sleek capital, Islamabad, is a modern metropolis bristling with contemporary architecture, world-class cultural attractions, and some of the country’s finest restaurants.

Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural capital, this ancient city abounds with UNESCO-listed attractions, stunning shrines, and ornate Mughal architecture. Its old town is a maze of bustling bazaars, which harbor mosques, museums, and manicured gardens.

Karachi, the former capital and the economic powerhouse of the country, is a mega-city in every sense of the word, cramming 15 million or so into its boundaries.

Meanwhile, Peshawar, in the North-West Frontier Province, remains a frontier town, sometimes dangerous and always intriguing.

All of this and more lies in Pakistan, and all remains accessible to the more adventurous tourist

The Seasons and Best time to visit Pakistan

Pakistan has many regions, ranging from sea-level, flat deserts to 8,000-meter peaks, so each season will present its own peculiarities. You can enjoy full four (winter, autumn, spring, and summer) in Pakistan

Winter (mid-November to February)

The best time to visit the south part of the country, especially Sindh province. Those lands may not have the mountains Pakistan is famous for but this is the most religiously diverse region in Pakistan.

On the other hand, most mountains in northern Pakistan remain totally inaccessible in the wintertime. You can still get to the Northern Areas through the Karakoram Highway, but you won’t be able to visit any side valley.

Summer (June to September)

The best season for visiting the Northern Areas, especially if you like trekking in high-altitude mountains.

Spring & Autumn

In early spring, and late autumn, the mountains may not be that accessible. But the pros are: the weather was gorgeous (most days), plus they weren’t busy with domestic tourism. But if you want to visit historical places in cities and want to explore foods in Pakistan this is the best time to travel.

Cultural behavior while traveling in Pakistan

Urdu, which is like Hindi, is the official language – However, each region has its own (or several) local languages, so different from each other. English is widely spoken among educated people.

Pakistan is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse countries – From the South Asian-looking people of Punjab and Sindh; to the people of the Pashtun areas, closer to Iran or Afghanistan; the pagan culture of Kalash; the mountain people from Gilgit Baltistan. Traveling in Pakistan is like traveling in several, different tiny countries. You will definitely enjoy this cultural diversity.

Money in Pakistan

In Pakistan, they use the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) and, approximately, 1USD = 160PKR

Cash & ATMs – Pakistan is a cash economy, so better bring cash, especially in the Northern Areas. You can find ATMs in all big cities where master cards, and visa cards are accepted

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