Ratti Gali Lake Neelum Valley


There are many tourist destinations and landmarks in Pakistan. The majestic lakes, craggy forests, extensive natural areas, and hiking paths lead to the cliffs of snow-capped mountains. One such location is Ratti Gali Lake. Ratti Gali Lake is also known for its red-shaded slopes and surrounding plateaus. The lake is also known as the Dowarian lake by the locals.

The Ratti Gali Lake, which is tucked away in the wilderness, receives its water from the glaciers that have melted from the mountains nearby, particularly the Karakoram Mountain Range. Its name, “ratta,” which means “red” in Punjabi, refers to the red hues of the nearby slopes and plateaus. Ratti Gali Lake is referred to as the “Jewel of Neelum Valley.”

Location of Ratti Gali Lake

This high alpine glacier lake is situated at an elevation of 3,683 meters in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir (12,083 feet). The only significant city within 75 kilometers is Muzaffarabad, the administrative center of Azad Kashmir. The distance between Muzaffarabad and Ratti Gali might be traveled in four to six hours, depending on the volume of traffic and the weather conditions.


The weather in this area is highly unpredictable, and each season brings in a fresh explosion of color. The summer season extends from May to August, and the spring season lasts from March to May. Since it is ideal for walking, trekking, or just lazing in the sun, the area experiences the majority of its visitor activity in the summer. The crowds substantially reduce when the weather drops (it can get as low as 0 degrees Celsius). From November through April, the lake is entirely frozen.


Things to Do

There are lots of things to do here to keep you entertained.  For instance, the area’s surroundings are marked with hiking trails where you can stroll at your leisure to explore the location’s natural beauty. Alternatively, you might simply wander along the Ratti Gali lake. You can take part in a variety of organized walks or tours. As you get to connect with a larger group, this is very beneficial for solo travelers.

How to Get to Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake is found in one of the remotest regions in Pakistan. The distance between the lake and Muzaffarabad, the largest city in Azad Kashmir and its administrative capital, is 75 kilometers. Adventurers will love going there because it takes a lot of traveling and hiking to get to Ratti Gali Lake. Depending on how the traffic is moving and the weather, the trip could take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

You initially arrive in Dowarian, a little village in Azad Kashmir.  To go to Ratti Gali Lake from there, you might need to board a 4X4 vehicle (likely a Jeep), as the route is rocky and uneven. You will arrive at the Ratti Gali Lake base camp area after a nearly two-hour jeep trip. You’ll need to walk for another approximately two hours to get where you’re going from there. Tourists may also be able to go horseback riding in addition to hiking.

The Beauty of Ratti Gali Lake and its Surroundings

Hike to Ratti Gali Lake

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