Fort Munro – The Jewel of Southern Punjab


Pakistan is home to some of the most amazing tourist attractions in the world. It is a country with fascinating geographical features, one that experiences all four seasons. Home to some of the country’s largest deserts, lush green fields, and breathtaking hill stations, Pakistan’s Punjab province is also a land with amazing natural diversity. A prime illustration of the province’s natural diversity is Fort Munro, one of Pakistan’s most breathtaking hill towns.

 About Fort Munro

Fort Munro, also known as Tuman Leghari, is a hilltop wonderland covered in lush green vegetation of Pine plants and shrubs, quietly resting in the foothills of the Koh-e-Sulaiman Mountain Range. Named after Colonel A. A. Munro, the settlement was founded in the nineteenth century by Robert Groves Sandeman, a British Indian Army officer.

Many people refer to Fort Munro as “Mini Murree” because it is one of the coldest areas in the area and occasionally sees snowfall. People who are unable to go to Pakistan’s northern regions visit this hill station in southern Punjab. A great number of tourists travel there, particularly in the summer to escape the heat. Tourists frequently engage in activities like camping, hiking, and trekking here. The majority of the population of the town is made up of “Legharis,” nomadic people who are related to an ancient Balochi tribe.

Geography and Weather of Fort Munro

Fort Munro is part of the Sulaiman Mountain range.  The range, which divides Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, and Balochistan, is situated in central Pakistan and stretches southward for about 280 miles (450 km) from the Gumal Pass to just north of Jacobabad. Its heights gradually decrease toward the south, with summits averaging 6,000–7,000 feet. The highest peaks are the twin peaks known as Takht-i Sulaiman, or Solomon’s Throne, which are located 30 miles from the Gumal Pass.


How to Get to Fort Munro?

Fort Munro, which is around 85 kilometers from Dera Ghazi Khan, has a direct connection to National Highway 70. You must first travel to Dera Ghazi Khan before you can access the Fort Munro hill station. You might easily travel to Fort Munro in your car or by one of the reasonably priced accessible coach services in about an hour or less via road. In this steep area, a cutting-edge bridge is also being built on National Highway 70. The first phase of which has already been opened. This infrastructure project will offer a safer and more convenient road link for passenger and cargo traffic to one of Pakistan’s most well-known hill stations once it is fully finished and launched. The current project will grow to be the second-largest steel bridge in the entire globe.

Location of Fort Munro

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