Haveli Ram Gopal – The Walled City of Lahore


Haveli Ram Gopal also known as Haveli Awais Mir is located in the street next to a water pond, beyond Rang Mahal Chowk in Lahore. More than a century old, these mansions were owned by two brothers “Ram Gopal” and “Hari Gopal”. These mansions were bought and united by Owais Mir Sahib. After some construction and repairs, they were given the shape of a museum.

This mansion is so beautiful and traditional from the inside that many songs have been shot here. In 2021, we made a study tour with our friend “Musafran Shawq” to Lahore that included this mansion, so I also got a chance to see it in detail. Mr. Owais Mir showed us many antiquities on the upper floor of the mansion.

Owais Mir is a very simple and lively person whose doors are open to everyone. Many things like old sculptures, paintings, metal and porcelain vessels, windows, old doors, pictures, animal metal sculptures, guns, bowls, watches, knives, swords, chests, and locks can be seen in the mansion.
Some items are neatly decorated in the rooms while many items are locked away in the cupboards. We all advised Owais Mir to arrange these antiquities neatly in the cupboards and clean them.

The decoration of the rooms of the mansion is also beautiful. Old and thick walls, colored glasswork, beautiful woodwork, chandeliers decorated with electric lamps, and many pictures and marble lattices add to its beauty.
Owais Mir said:
“When I got this mansion, it was in a dilapidated condition. I improved and renovated it so that it retains its tradition and traditional features.
I have been told many times by the Walled City Authority to hand over this mansion to us but I have not given it and you know the reasons. I love this mansion so much. I have bought these things from places and kept them here, I cannot give them for commercial purposes”.

Many historical photographs can also be seen inside the mansion. Also, the photos of the songs filmed here are displayed. Thus, Owais Mir’s mansion has absorbed history as well as culture. Beautiful woodwork, chandeliers decorated with electric lamps, many pictures, and marble lattices add to its beauty.

So, never forget to visit the Haveli Awais Mir whenever you go to Lahore.

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