Pasni – The Mysterious and Ancient Historical Cemetery of Balochistan


By seeing only the traces and remnants of ancient civilizations, it can be easily guessed that civilizations, intellect, and consciousness have no close relationship with education. In Balochistan, there are such signs of an ancient civilization that the human mind is stunned. Due to the lack of exploration and research about the ancient civilizations, and civilizations in the coastal areas of Balochistan, finding out the exact history of some of the monuments also shows a mystery.

Twenty years ago, when I migrated from the village to Pasni city, I mysteriously found an ancient cemetery a few kilometers from my house. As a child, our family did not allow us to go to this cemetery because they believed that ghosts lived there. In the past, the population of this area consisted of a dozen families, now it consists of thousands of people. The distance between the local population and the cemetery is only a few feet. With the passage of time, even this ancient graveyard is no longer mysterious to the local people because now people live at a little distance from the graveyard.

When I feel tired and bored with life, I turn to this cemetery, in an effort to know and research who is sleeping eternally in this ancient and historical cemetery.

A hill in Bibarshwar, South West area of Pasni is known as “Digan” by local people. Digan is a combination of the Balochi words “deha” and “gan”, which means the abode of ghosts. There is a local tradition that in the past this area was a temporary abode of ghosts. There is this historical and ancient cemetery located on a rocky mound at the foothills of Digan hill, which can be explored and researched to get accurate history and information about these graves. It is not just for local people to find out.

This cemetery is different from the other cemeteries of Pisni in that the graves are carved here. There are graves of men, women, and children among the graves made with different designs. Regarding these graves, there are some opinions that they may be the tombs of the Kalamati tribes who settled in Kalamat in the 16th century.

Some historical documents suggest that in the 16th century, there was a battle between Hamal Jayand and the Portuguese at Kalamat, 70 km from Pasni, and Mir Hamal Jayand was defeated by the Portuguese. The Portuguese had come to the coast of Makran for looting and were confronted by Mir Hamal Jayand, the commander of the army here. According to well-known Baloch researcher and writer Dr. Hameed Baloch, these graveyards in “Digan” may belong to the Kalamti tribes of the 16th century because at that time the Kalamti tribes were living in the area adjacent to Pasni.

So far, as many opinions and traditions are found regarding these tombs, the strong opinion is that these graves may belong to the Kalamati tribes of the 13th century. While such a cemetery is also in Hub, an industrial city of Balochistan, adjacent to Karachi. There is a name “Bhavani” cemetery, about which various researchers and historians say that the “Bhavani” cemetery in Hub belongs to the Kalamati tribes and probably dates back to the seventeenth century AD. There are no signs or remains of any population in the same area four or five centuries ago.


These tombs have been made after carving the sandstones in the “Digan” cemetery of Pasni. Such stones are present in Pasni mountain “Zarin” and “Shamalbandan” mountain ranges 60 km away from Pasni. It is also possible that these sandstones have been brought from “Zarin” or the mountain range of North Bandan, which have been carved on the tombs. This shows that these people were skilled in stone carving. Because the stones have been carved and connected to each other by carving different designs.

Living nations preserve the traces of their ancient civilizations so that future generations can know their past. Therefore, the ancient and historical cemetery of “Digan” in Pasni, which is an old inheritance, needs to be further researched and made safe.

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