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Bhong Mosque is one of the famous mosques of Pakistan. Bhong Mosque is located about twenty kilometers from Sadiqabad Tehsil of Rahim Yar Khan District, Bahawalpur Division. Sardar Rais Ghazi Muhammad started the construction of this mosque in 1920. His great-grandfather Hazrat Bahauddin Zakaria was one of the caliphs. Ghazi Muhammad was also an Honorary Magistrate and Member of the Bahawalpur Assembly. Despite having wealth, he led a dervish life. Social work and the construction of mosques in different areas were his life’s mission.

Rais Ghazi Muhammad not only directed the construction of the Bhong Masjid near his house in 1932 but also supervised it fully along with huge capital. Specially appointed Master Abdul Hamid Sahib to supervise the construction of the mosque, supervised the mosque with great diligence and attention. Red stone, marble, and black stone were ordered from Austria, Hungary, Italy, and other countries for the construction of the mosque. He hired hundreds of artisans who carved stones, made flowers on tiles, engravers, and calligraphers on them, fine and delicate work on sandalwood, and made gold flowers.

This mosque was completed in a period of about fifty years from 1932 to 1982. In these fifty years, thousands of artisans participated in its construction. Most of them belonged to Pakistan and India. Many artisans grew old during the construction of the mosque. Many died. The sons and grandsons of many laborers took up this responsibility. Thus, three generations participated in the construction of this mosque. The laborers were paid based on their craftsmanship and experience. Expert artisans were taken care of in every way, but their children’s marriage expenses were paid by Ghazi Muhammad. Accommodation and food arrangements for the workers engaged in the construction of the mosque were also made in Bhong city.

During this period, there was no proper ride and route arrangement from Sadiqabad to Bhong city. It was difficult to bring heavy machinery to this place. No kind of map was prepared to build the mosque. He used to go to mosques in different countries to see the mosques there and change the building of these mosques according to what he liked. Thus parts of the building were rebuilt three times.

In 1950, a new problem was identified. Because of the flood, the building of the mosque that had been built up to that time was weakened. And a twenty-foot-high platform was built on it. Thus, along with the strength of the mosque, its beauty also increased. Rais Ghazi Muhammad died in 1975 during the construction of the mosque. After him, his sons Sahibzada Rais Shabbir Ahmad and Rais Wazir Ahmad saw the construction of the mosque. Who himself was a dervish like his father.

Due to its beauty and uniqueness, it has been a source of interest for tourism enthusiasts. In 1981, it was awarded the Aga Khan Award in the field of architecture. The mosque also has a vast Dar al-Mukhidah, madrassa, and hijra, where Rais Ghazi Muhammad used to worship.

The main entrance to the mosque has been constructed like the main gate of Hazrat Imam Raza in Mashhad. There is a courtyard on several acres inside. Two thousand worshipers can pray here at the same time. Under a big dome, women can pray. The place has been allocated which is also known as Juma’s Mosque for women. All the doors of the mosque are decorated with exquisite elephant tusks. The porch in it consists of eighteen pillars. Each pillar is of the same natural color. Which is eight feet high. Pure gold, silver, and stone have been used to decorate the central arch. Due to the exquisite work of sandalwood, and the attractive floral design, this mosque remains the center of attraction for tourists.

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