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It is said that “Anyone who hasn’t seen Lahore simply hasn’t lived.” I will say “Those who have not seen Lahore Museum haven’t lived”. Undoubtedly, there is nothing wrong if this museum of Pakistan is called the most fertile and the biggest museum of Pakistan. There are many stories buried in its foundations, which if put down on paper, would be less than a book. This museum has carried the burden of the celebrations of Pakistan on its shoulders. Stories of the rise and fall of the subcontinent are scattered in many of its galleries, which have been a source of quenching the thirst for knowledge for years. But seeing this museum well is not a day’s work. Each and every one of its galleries is worthy of consideration. It is the largest museum in Pakistan in terms of its antiquities. Rudyard Kipling’s father, John Lockwood Kipling, was a big fan of the museum and it is mentioned in his novel Kim.

Lahore museum is a masterpiece of Mughal-style architecture, located opposite the ancient building of University Hall. The museum houses artifacts from the Gandhara, Mughal, and Sikh periods, including woodwork, paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts from the Mughal, Sikh, and British periods. The artifacts, coins, and pictures kept here are national asset that has no parallel anywhere. Apart from a few musical instruments, this museum exhibits ancient jewelry, ornate traditional costumes, brass, bronze, and various metal vessels, sugar ware, and war. And the debate equipment is also kept for the exhibition.

One of the unique things about this museum is that it also houses artifacts and gifts brought from other countries including Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet (China), the Middle East, Central Asia, and some African countries. These things have increased the importance of this museum. Talking about the Gandhara Gallery here, after Peshawar, the Lahore Museum houses a great treasure of the Gandhara Empire, including the beautiful stupa brought from Sikri, Jamal Garhi, which is placed in the center of the hall. It also houses masterpieces such as heads of Buddha statues brought from Rokhri (Mianwali) and Akhnur (Jammu), various statues of Gautama Buddha in different postures, precious and unique fasting Buddhas and various court scenes carved on stone.

Talking about the ancient civilizations of the Indus River, this gallery has given place to the masterpieces discovered by Wadi Son, Harappa, Mohenjodaro, and Mehrgarh. Includes small clay stones, coins, jewelry, dice, and toys. The Gallery of Miniature Pictures houses the subcontinent’s largest collection of miniatures collected in the early 20th century. It contains about 1,000 miniatures dating from the 16th to the 20th century. These include the Persian, Mughal, and Rajput collections. Lahore Museum’s Establishment Pakistan Gallery takes you back several years and tells you the story of the establishment of Pakistan through various photographs and newspaper clippings as if you were witnessing it in front of you.

The coin gallery of the museum is considered to be the largest gallery in the subcontinent, which includes about 40,000 coins. Here are the coins of all the dynasties that ruled the subcontinent from the 7th century BC, which are certainly no less than a treasure. Apart from these, the Sikh Gallery, various cultural galleries, Tehreek Pakistan Gallery, and Stamp Gallery are also worth visiting. are related Model of Panch Mandir Kapurthala, Ashok Chakra, the Golden Buddha of Burma, the Metal Statue of Queen Victoria, the Model of Minar Pakistan, Ivory with images of Buddha, the Model of Golden Temple Amritsar and Badshahi Masjid Lahore, stupas and provincial cultural galleries are unique here. These are the must-sees. No matter how much the Lahore Museum is described, it will be fun only if you go and see it with your own eyes.

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