Umbrella Waterfall – A Masterpiece of Nature


Umbrella waterfall is one of the most visited places in Abbottabad. Its captivating beauty and unbelievable views are forcing people to visit this magnificent place. This waterfall provides refreshing views as it flows between plants and hills. Standing next to the waterfall offers a unique calmness that you won’t soon forget. Tourists find it difficult to leave the roaring, wet sound of the waterfall after it has welcomed them.

Since it was found a little time ago, the waterfall has become very popular among tourists. People are obsessed with seeing this breathtakingly gorgeous aspect of nature.

Where is Umbrella Waterfall Located?

The Sajikot neighborhood of the Abbottabad District is home to the Umbrella Waterfall. It recently became a brand-new tourism destination in the KPK province of Pakistan.

The distance from Havelian to the waterfall is 27 kilometers. You must climb down to the umbrella waterfall from the town of Poona for 30 to 45 minutes. The Umbrella Waterfall is on the same road where the famous Sajikot Waterfall is located.

How to Get to Umbrella Waterfall?

Someone once said, “The best view comes after the hardest climb”.  
The path to the waterfall is essentially good. However, it doesn’t get you to the exact location. Poona village is a steep village from which you must hike down. This may be the most difficult part of the journey. But again, the best view comes after the hardest climb.

The weather of Umbrella Waterfall, Abbottabad 


Way From Islamabad to Umbrella Waterfall

The whole journey from Islamabad to Poona village via Pir Sohawa is around 100 kilometers.   The Margalla Hills Pir Sohawa / Nalla Hazara route/ Sangada will take the car 2.5 hours to reach Sajikot. The road is in good condition and was just recently built. Additionally, there won’t be much traffic on this road. The most excellent part is that the sights along the way are both breathtaking and peaceful. Additionally, it will be simple for you to go there if you’ve already visited the Nooran Di Dand waterfall. The Hazara highway offers an alternative option. The Sajikot Bazar route must be entered by turning left after traveling on the motorway to Havelian.  The distance between Havelian to the Umbrella waterfall is roughly 27 kilometers. The Sajikot waterfall is another outstanding waterfall that can be found nearby. Due to inadequate safety measures taken by visitors, it was once closed. The Sajikot waterfall is quite deep, and swimming without a life jacket is not recommended.

Is Umbrella Waterfall secure to take families?

Families can safely visit the Umbrella Waterfall, swimming is not dangerous. The waters of the Umbrella waterfall have never witnessed a mugging or a drowning.

Avoid getting too close to the Sajjikot waterfall pool because the pool is slippery and deceptive. Before this incident despite a ban on swimming and warning boards that were installed on the sides of the waterfall, people come and try to challenge the waters resulting up till now 17 fatalities in the Sajjikot.

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