Soon Valley – A Diversified Landscape in an Unexplored Wonderland!


The Soon Valley is in the northwest of Khushab and extends from the village of Padhrar to Sakesar, which is the highest peak in the Salt Range.  The Valley is a stunning area of calm natural beauty, home to beautiful lakes, springs, woodlands, and a number of historic sites. Uchali Lake, Khabeki Lake, and Kanhatti Garden are just a few of the tourist attractions that are particularly intriguing. Each year, these lakes draw tens of thousands of seasonal birds as well as rare Central Asian white-headed ducks.

The weather of Soon Sakesar


In the summer, the temperature is mild to pleasant, while in the winter, it is very cold. In all seasons, Soon Valley is breathtaking, but it is especially lovely during the monsoon when cool air rushes down Sakesar to greet roaming tourists. Sakesar, the highest mountain in the Salt Range, towers over Uchali Lake at a height of 5,010 feet (1,530 m) above sea level.  It is the only mountain in this region of Punjab that experiences winter snowfall.

Scenic Views of the Valley

Location of The Soon Sakesar Valley

The Most Scenic Places to Explore in Soon Valley

Here are some of the areas that are highly famous among tourists visiting the valley to appreciate the tranquility of lakes or prehistoric sites.

Uchali Lake

The most well-liked tourist destination in the valley is Uchali Lake. The largest lake in the vicinity, it is encircled by mountains. The lake is formed due to the lack of a drainage system in the salt range. Uchali lake is dead due to its excessive salinity, but what makes it beautiful is the magnificent scenery in various weather situations.

Khabeki Lake

Similar to Uchali Lake, Khabeki Lake offers families traveling on a weekend picnic a glimpse of the lush highlands. In the winter, it is readily reached by road. Khabeki Lake is the ideal location for day outings and picnics for visitors from surrounding cities like Lahore and Islamabad. Khabeki Lake is a perennial body of water with a surface size of around 1421 acres and fish-friendly water.

Jahlar Lake

Another extremely significant but much less seen location in the Soon valley is Jahlar Lake. It feels more like mother nature because of the 148 acres that are completely submerged. Jahlar Lake, which is next to the salt range, is still undeveloped and in its natural state. Despite the poor quality of the road system, the location is worthwhile despite all the difficulties.

Kanhati Gardens

The nature and splendor of Kanhati Gardens are very distinct from those of Uchali, Khabeki, and Jahlar Lake. This region of the valley is lush and beautiful, with waterfalls and ponds.

Kanhati Gardens’ history predates Pakistan’s establishment as a country on the world map. The word “kanhati” is derived from the word “kanhat,” which refers to a unique rock that can be found in natural springs. The gardens were created in the early 1930s. The fruits that grow here are pineapple, almond, and apricot.

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