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There are not many capital cities in the world that can match Islamabad’s attractiveness in terms of closeness to nature. The federal capital of Pakistan is convenient for people to enjoy urban life and nature in close proximity because it is bordered by green hills on two sides. The city’s administration has made it relatively easy for citizens of the metroplex to independently visit the Margalla Hills forest utilizing hiking paths in a safe manner. 

The Himalayan Mountain Range continues in the Margalla Hills, which feature a rich landscape. Numerous animals and birds seek shelter in the mountains’ forest and herbaceous vegetation. Many visitors and residents use the trails on the Margalla Hills every year to go hiking as a healthy exercise and to enjoy nature.

Trail 3

This trail is one of the most well-liked since it offers options for hikers of all experience levels. Whether you’ve never hiked before or are an experienced backpacker, Trail 3 provides a variety of branches for you. Google Maps makes it simple to locate Trail 3, which begins on the right side of Margalla Road opposite Sector F. Depending on how many pauses they make along the way, it takes an average hiker less than 2 hours to complete around 6 kilometers of climb. Residents frequently use this trail to get breakfast after their hike because it leads to Pir Sohawa, which has beautiful views, and concludes at the renowned Monal Restaurant.

Trail 4

For a medium to difficult hike, check out the two variations of Trail 4, the main trail itself and Trail 4A, which also passes through the Airblue crash site and memorial. Trail 4 provides breathtaking views of the Twin Cities as well as access to Monal Restaurant. It also connects Trails 3 and 5.

Trail 7

CDA Chairman Muhammad Usman opened Trail 7 on Margalla Hills in August 2022. It starts in Sector C-12 and ends at Kanthala. Trail 7 is 5 km long. To encourage an active and healthy lifestyle among Islamabad inhabitants, this route has been made accessible to the general public.

Nooran Di Gali & Talhaar Ridge Trail

This isn’t really a hike for beginners. It combines two different paths in the Margalla Hills. You will be treated to breathtaking vistas of Talhaar Valley and Islamabad while hiking the Talhaar Ridge Trail. From Monal Road and the Faisal Mosque Trail 4, you may access this trail. If you want to park, then start from Faisal Mosque.

Pir Sohawa to Ghora Gali

This is one of Islamabad’s most difficult trails, making it the ideal site to practice hiking in the North. One of Islamabad’s longest trails, Pir Sohawa Road to Ghora Gali, is around 28 kilometers long and can be completed in 7-9 hours. The trail links Islamabad’s Margalla Hills with Murree Hills.

Since there is no trail back, manage your time and plan your return properly. There will be breathtaking views on all sides because the trail follows the top of a ridge. Be ready since this hike is difficult.

The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb.

Ratta Hotar Murad Gali

Ratta Hotar Murad Gali, a lovely village in a valley encircled by the Margalla Hills, is one of Islamabad’s most underrated treks. You can continue on from here all the way to the summit of the Margallas, where Trail 5 comes to an end. The two paths can be combined for a harder hike. You can leave your automobiles at the Trail 5 parking and complete this trek in about 4 hours total.

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