10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan


Pakistan is home to some of the most stunning and breathtaking lakes in the world. Consider traveling to Pakistan’s northern regions during your vacation if you want to experience all the country’s magnificent scenery. These locations are home to some of the country’s most stunning lakes.

Scenic Lakes in Pakistan

From crystal clear waters to majestic mountain backdrops, these lakes are indeed a sight to behold. Here are some of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan:

1. Attabad Lake

In the Hunza Valley’s Gojal town, a second high-altitude lake is regarded as Pakistan’s most beautiful. Despite being natural, Attabad Lake was not even on the map until 2010, when a landslide obstructed a portion of the River Hunza and resulted in the lake’s creation. Due to its proximity to the town, the lake is often referred to as Gojal Lake. Attabad lake is located at an altitude of about 2,560 meters (8398 feet).

Attabad Lake, which covers 13.5 square kilometers and is the largest lake in Gilgit-Baltistan, is frequently visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. With the mountains as a backdrop, visitors mostly engage in boating, swimming, and jet skiing in the lake’s azure waters, which are 358 feet deep.

2. Lulusar Lake

As the principal source of the Kunhar River, Kaghan Valley’s Lulusar Lake is a rather popular tourist site. Lulusar lake is located at an altitude of 3,410 meters (11,188 feet). What makes the lake such a tremendous hit with tourists is the natural beauty that it reflects on its surface. The fact that this lovely lake in Pakistan has a paved road that is easily accessible by car is another incentive to think about going there. Lulusar Lake is reachable via the city of Muzaffarabad after a roughly eight-hour trip from Islamabad.

3. Mahodand Lake

Mahodand Lake, also known as the “Lake of Fishes,” is situated about 40 kilometers from Kalam in the upper Usho Valley. To get to the lake, you’ll need a 4×4 vehicle, Once you’re there, you can go boating, camping, and, as the name suggests, fishing. The summer months are ideal for visiting this picturesque lake in Pakistan because wild alpine flowers bloom in the neighboring meadows and a variety of trout may be caught there.

The lake is bordered by forests and meadows and is situated at the base of the Hindukush Mountains, adding to its natural splendor. This lake is nourished by melting glaciers from the mountaintops. This lake is also the source of Ushu Khwar, one of the River Swat’s main tributaries.

4. Ratti Gali Lake

A high-altitude lake in Pakistan called Ratti Gali is nourished by glacial runoff from the mountains that surround it. Ratti Gali Lake is located in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir at an altitude of around 3,698 meters (12,130 feet). A distinctive atmosphere is created by the lake’s beauty, which has long been a source of inspiration for writers. This lake can only be reached on foot from the Dowarian base camp. After a 2.5-hour drive to Dowarian, you must hike for an additional hour up the mountain to reach the lake.

5. Saif-ul-Malook

Saif-ul-Maluk Lake, with a surface area of 2.5 square kilometers and an elevation of more than 3,224 meters (10,578 feet) is situated close to Naran, at the northern end of Kaghan Valley. With a depth of almost 50 feet below the surface, it is one of Pakistan’s highest and most stunning lakes. The lake, which is the source of the Kunhar River, is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the glaciers that are melting from these peaks continue to feed the lake. A 30-minute jeep trip from Naran Valley will get you to the lake.

6. Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Pakistan. The Satpara Stream feeds the Satpara Dam, which delivers fresh water to the entire Skardu Valley, and eventually empties into the lake. Plan a summer trip to Gilgit-Baltistan instead of visiting the lake in the winter since roads are frequently closed to travelers then.

7. Sheosar Lake

You can see for yourself how beautiful Sheosar Lake is if you think about going to Deosai National Park. Sheosar lake is located at an altitude of 4,142 meters (13,589 feet). The lake is reachable by two main roads and is situated within the Deosai Plateau, which is the second-highest plateau on the entire planet. One way takes a few hours in a jeep from Skardu to the park, while the other requires a four-hour drive in a four-wheel drive from Astore. To get to the lake from Skardu, you can also hike for a total of two days. The park and lake are most beautiful in the spring when wildflowers are in bloom throughout the meadows. The lake itself is around 130 feet deep, and the mountains provide a stunning backdrop.

8. Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake may be found in Kaghan Valley’s Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park. White Mountain Lake is the exact translation of the name, which alludes to the snow-covered mountains that surround the body of water. The lake often referred to as Dudipat Lake, can only be reached on foot. You may climb the 15 kilometers to the lake in less than 10 hours after leaving your car at Besal, one hour from Naran. Depending on your speed and degree of fitness, the time can change. The landscapes are breathtaking, and if riding a horse up the mountain sounds more appealing to you than hiking, it is an option.

9. Upper Kachura Lake

The Upper Kachura Lake, which has 230 feet of depth and crystal-clear waters, is another lake close to Skardu. Due to its difficult terrain and walk, it is not as regularly visited as Lower Kachura Lake. Winter freezes everything in sight, even the deep waters of the lake, while springtime brings apricot orchards and greenery to the neighborhood.

10. Swaik Lake

Due to its proximity to the settlement of Khandoa, Swaik Lake is frequently referred to as Khandoa Lake. This blue-green lake with its waterfalls is ideal for picnics and swimming, but it is less frequently visited by tourists because it is away from the major roads. You may reach this hidden refuge amidst the vegetation after a 45-minute journey from the M2 freeway. Here, you can also go cliff diving and go hiking throughout the region.

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