Pir Ibrahim Waterfall – A Hidden Gem of Khuzdar Balochistan


Balochistan’s geological wonderland never surprises us with its extraordinary natural surroundings. The largest province of Pakistan contains some of the harshest and driest natural regions on the planet. Despite having such a dry environment, Balochistan is home to numerous breathtaking natural oases and undiscovered gems.

All About Pir Ibrahim Waterfall

Pir Ibrahim Waterfall is a gem located in the Kuzdar district of Balochistan, Pakistan.  It is a well-liked vacation spot recognized for its spectacular beauty and unspoiled surrounding. The waterfall is located in a remote valley and is encircled by high mountains and verdant vegetation. It is the perfect location for a calm and serene retreat from the bustle of city life.

The Kachhi Canal, which runs through the area and spills down a stony cliff to create a magnificent waterfall, is what makes the Pir Ibrahim Waterfall. Visitors can cool off by swimming in the water that pours into a natural pool at the base of the falls.

The area of waterfall is a paradise for a diverse range of flora and wildlife, making it the ideal location for nature enthusiasts. Numerous endangered plant species can be found in the forests, and a wide range of animals, including tiny mammals and birds, call the area home.

Hiking, swimming, and picnicking are just a few of the activities available to visitors at the Pir Ibrahim Waterfall. Both locals and visitors enjoy visiting the waterfall since it is a peaceful area to unwind.

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How to Get to Pir Ibrahim Waterfall

Pir Ibrahim Waterfall is about 96 kilometers away from Khuzdar. You must therefore travel along the M8 Motorway after arriving in Khuzdar in order to get to your destination. Nearly 70 kilometers later, turn right into Kharkh Bazaar Road. On this road, continue traveling for almost a km. After crossing the Kharkh Bridge, turn right to enter a winding, uneven road. Finally, after traveling about 22 kilometers, you will arrive at your goal.

It is significant to highlight that the path leading to the Pir Ibrahim Waterfall is a treacherous, meandering mountain path. A four-wheel drive vehicle is advised for the trip to the waterfall. Additionally, it is a good idea to organize your trip in advance and let someone know what you have in mind because the location might be remote and you should have a backup strategy in place just in case.

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